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We're LGBTQ and Allies working together for the systematic liberation of all people.


LGBTQ Allyship is a social and economic justice organization in the Puget Sound area. We serve over 1800 community members through education, community organizing, coalition building, research and advocacy. Our three main program areas are LGBTQ homeless youth, health care and economic justice.

September 28th, Sunday, LGBTQ Allyship’s First LGBTQ Intergenerational Conference

After two months of dedicated young adults and elders engaging in LGBTQ Intergeneraional dialogues, these leaders have framed and named our conference. “Where have we been,

Most of the Intergenerational committee!

Most of the Intergenerational committee!

Where are we going: An exploration of Money, Power, Health and History in the LGBTQ community.”  The conference is being held at Seattle University at the Student Center from 9am to 6pm. It’s free! To register click here! Check out our FB invite!

Also leaders in the Intergenerational committee.

Also leaders in the Intergenerational committee.

To volunteer please email Allyship at To submit a workshop proposal click here. Proposals are due on September 5th. To submit an artist proposal click here. (deadline also on September 5th).

If your business or organization would like to sponsor this conference

please click here! Sponsorships are due on September 1st!

This is a community-led and volunteer-run conference! Please get involved!